DIY Tips From APK Restoration

4 Easy Steps to Repairing Your Siding

Although we highly recommend that any repairs to your vinyl siding are done by professionals, such as APK Restoration, we understand that some homeowners prefer a good ole DIY. Below are the materials you’ll need as well as the basic instructions for patching the hole(s).

What You’ll Need

  • Vinyl Adhesive Caulk
  • Razor Scraper
  • Exterior Paint

Step 1

Clean the area around the hole you’ll be patching. This will help avoid any dirt and debris to get mixed in with the caulk which can cause it not to work properly.

Step 2

Once the area is clean, fill the hole with the Vinyl Adhesive Caulk. After you’ve filled the hole, wipe the excess off with your finger. Allow the area to dry.

Step 3

After the area is completely dry, use the razor scraper to scrape away any excess caulk. You want to make sure the repair is as smooth as possible.

White Paint for Siding Repair in Champlin, MNStep 4

Finally, paint over the area with any exterior paint. We recommend a high-grade exterior paint from your local hardware store. However, craft-grade paint will work, too.

If your siding has more than just a small hole, we highly recommend calling APK Restoration at 612.322.3300 and having us come and check it out.

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