What Causes Icicles on Roof

Frequently Asked Questions With A Top Minnesota Roofing Company

Icicles on your roof are caused by the snow sitting on your roof melts. The melted snow then runs down the edge of your roof and refreezes, which then forms icicles.

Other than the sun, what causes the snow on my roof to melt? 

There are several other factors that cause the snow on your roof to melt including; the structure of your house, additional weather conditions and even the color of your roof.Icicles on MN Home Roof

Can raking my roof help the formation of icicles?

Absolutely! Think about it; if there isn’t snow on the roof, it can’t melt and then form icicles. Please Note: if you do opt to rake the snow off your roof—don’t climb on your roof as it can become slippery in the winter months and be careful on the ground—the weight of snow falling off the roof can be dangerous.

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