Snow from Winter Storm covers MN Home

Whether you get two inches or two feet of snow, Winter Storms can produce damage to your home. Below is a list of damages that can result from a Winter Storm.

Roof Damage

  • Does your roof have any missing shingles? Missing shingles could lead to moisture entering your home and damagingIcicles on MN Home Roof the structure.
  • Do you have a skylight? After any winter weather, it’s important to check around your skylight to ensure there aren’t any leaks.
  • Ice Dams can form after Winter Storms and prevent the melting snow from your roof to drain properly.

Siding, Windows & Door Damage

  • Complete a close inspection of your siding to ensure no areas have come loose or that water has seeped in.
  • Before and after every storm, check the caulking around your exterior doors and windows for any leaks that could cause drafts.
  • On the inside of your windows, wipe up any window condensation to avoid mold growth in window sills, particularly metal windows. You may want to consider replacing your metal windows with vinyl to prevent leakage of both air and water – contact us for more information.

Basement & Crawlspace Damage

  • If you have a basement, ensure that no moisture has gotten in. Inspect that all walls and floors are dry.
  • Inspect the upstairs crawl space to verify you have no leaks or moisture damage that can lead to mold.Winter Storm Roof Damage in MN
  • Once the damage is fixed you may need to purchase a dehumidifier to remove the lingering moisture from the area. Please note that indoor humidity should remain between 40% to 60% at all times.

Tree Damage

  • It’s important to inspect the trees in your yard to make sure heavy snow hasn’t broken or cracked any limbs. This is to avoid limbs falling and harming your home or someone walking below.

Have questions about Winter Storm damage? Contact the experts at APK Restoration today!

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